Are Student Loans Automatically Forgiven After 25 Years? 

Are student loans automatically forgiven after 25 years? Well, it depends. On certain income-driven repayment plans, your student loan balance is forgiven after 25 years of on-time repayment. Other income-driven plans will let you off the hook in 20. And there are loan forgiveness programs that will cancel your debt even sooner. If you’re wondering […]

Every Way to Get Free Money for Your Student Loans

Paying off student loans can be a long and hard journey, but fortunately there are ways to get outside help. From forgiveness programs to employer matches to crowdfunding campaigns, you can find free money for student loans, especially if you’re willing to think outside the box. Here are your options for student loan assistance so […]

How to Get Teacher Loan Forgiveness for Up to $17,500

As a teacher, you probably had to take out student loans for your teaching degree(s). And as rewarding as teaching is, it remains one of the most grossly underpaid professions in the U.S. — making it especially hard to pay back your debt. But there is a ray of hope — the Teacher Loan Forgiveness […]

15 Student Loan Forgiveness & Repayment Assistance Programs

Student loan forgiveness programs cancel part or all of your student debt in exchange for qualifying work. While none cancel your debt overnight, they can get you out of debt years ahead of schedule. We’ve put together the ultimate list of student loan forgiveness programs for all you boss babes out there wondering how to […]