Earnest Student Loans Review 2023: Rates, Terms and More

Earnest is a private online lender that specializes in student loans and student loan refinancing. This popular fintech company offers competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms to undergraduate and graduate students. Plus, it helps existing borrowers save money by refinancing their education debt. Earnest especially stands out for its nine-month grace period on student […]

How to Refinance Medical School Loans (+ Best Lenders)

If you attended medical school, you know the costs of tuition can be astronomical. Lots of medical students take on debt to pay for tuition. Among those who borrow, the Association of American Medical College estimates the median debt at graduation to be a whopping $200,000. Refinancing medical school loans can be a good strategy […]

6 Best Student Loan Refinance Companies

Ready to take control of your student loan situation and refinance your student loans? Here are our recommendations for the best student loan refinance companies in 2020. We’re excited to offer you special Student Loan Gal deals of up to $200 off with most of these lenders!   LendKey Earnest Laurel Road Credible SoFi Education […]

5 Signs You’re Ready to Refinance Student Loans (and 4 Signs You’re Not)

Are you interested in refinancing student loans for better rates, but not sure if now is the right time? Before making a move, it’s important to know if you’re ready to take on a refinanced student loan. Here are five signs you’re ready to restructure your debt through refinancing — and four signs you’re not. […]

How to Refinance Parent PLUS Loans in 4 Steps

A parent PLUS loan can be a useful tool for helping your child pay for college, but it can also be tough to pay back. This federal loan for parents currently comes with a 7.08% interest rate — and your rate might be even higher if you borrowed a few years ago. Fortunately, it is […]

Should You Refinance Parent PLUS Loans? Pros & Cons

While the Parent PLUS loan can be a useful way to help your child pay for college, it can be tough to pay back with its relatively high interest rate of 7.08%. If you’re looking to save money on your debt, it could make sense to refinance your Parent PLUS loan to a better rate. […]

3 Reasons to Choose a Variable Rate Student Loan

Whether you’re borrowing a new loan or refinancing existing student debt, you’ll have the chance to choose between a fixed and variable rate student loan. Both rate types have their pros and cons, but here we’ll focus on the reasons to consider a variable rate student loan. If any of these apply to you, a […]

Credible Review: Find Great Rates on Your Student Loans

Is Credible legit? Does Credible affect your credit score? Can this student loan refinancing marketplace really help you save money on your student loans? Before using Credible to refinance your student loans, make sure to get answers to all your burning questions. This Credible review goes over the must-know info so you can decide if […]

LendKey Review: Refinance Student Loans for Crazy Low Rates

One of my favorite student loan services is LendKey, a student loan refinancing marketplace that matches you with offers from credit unions and local banks. Since it works with small institutions, LendKey can show you some of the best offers out there. Read on for my full LendKey review to see if LendKey student loan […]

How to Refinance a Parent PLUS Loan in the Student’s Name

Hey, moms and dads! Even though you borrowed a Parent PLUS loan to help your child pay for school, you might not have been planning to pay off the whole loan yourself — especially if your child has graduated and started earning an income. If you’re looking to transfer responsibility for the loan, you can […]