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15 Fabulous Cash Back Apps in 2020

best cash back apps in 2020

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Hey, savvy shoppers! If you’re looking for cash back apps that refund your money every time you shop online, you’ve come to the right place. These cash back apps partner with thousands of stores to bring you savings on your online (and sometimes offline) purchases. From apps that reward you for shopping to ones that give you money back for your groceries, here are the best cash back apps in 2020.

1. Rakutenbest cash back apps

Rakuten, formerly known as eBates, is a popular cash back app that partners with over 2,500 stores to give you money back on your purchases. Once you set up your free account, you can earn money back in three ways:

  • Head to Rakuten.com, browse stores and deals, and click through to start shopping.
  • Download the Rakuten extension, which will notify you if a site you’re shopping on offers cash back. If so, you can activate your cash back in one click.
  • Download the Rakuten app and shop on your phone to earn money back.

At the time of writing, Rakuten is offering as much as 10% cash back on popular stores. You’ll get paid every three months through Paypal or check.

You can also get a $25 cash bonus for referring friends to Rakuten.

2. Dosh

cash back apps

Dosh is an easy-to-use cash back app you can download on your iPhone or Android. After creating your free account and linking a credit card, you’ll automatically get $1.

Then, when you use that linked credit card to make a purchase at one of its online or brick-and-mortar partner stores, you’ll get more money back. Plus, you can get an extra $5 for each friend you refer.

You can withdraw your cash back from your Dosh account via Venmo, Paypal or direct deposit anytime, as long as you have a minimum of $25.

3. BeFrugal

best cash back apps 2020

As another one of the best cash back apps, BeFrugal works a lot like Rakuten. It partners with over 5,000 stores to bring you cash back, as well as exclusive promo codes and coupons. After adding the extension to your browser, BeFrugal will automatically tell you if it offers cash back from the site where you’re shopping.

Just note that you can’t double up with Rakuten and BeFrugal; you’ll have to choose one or the other while you’re shopping. Both will likely pop up to offer savings, so you can simply activate the one that offers the better deal.

Once you’ve earned cash back, you can redeem it in one of four ways:

  • Check ($25 minimum)
  • Direct deposit (no minimum)
  • Paypal (no minimum)
  • Gift card, which often comes with a 1% to 6% bonus

Plus, you can get $10 just for signing up through this referral link.

4. TopCashBack

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TopCashBack is another one of the best cash back apps in 2020 because of its generous cash-back policies. Rather than acting as an affiliate marketplace like some other cash back services, it makes money through ads and sponsors.

As a result, it’s able to share 100% of the commissions it earns with users. After creating your account with TopCashBack, you can start earning money back from its 4,400+ partner stores, plus a $10 bonus for any referrals.

5. Drop

cash back apps

As a cash back app for your phone, Drop works similarly to Dosh. Just download the app and link a credit card, and you’ll get cash back when you use that card at partner stores or restaurants.

You can also get $5 for every friend you refer to the app. For an extra $5 when you sign up, enter the code 35mug.

6. Pei

cash back apps

Pei is an easy-to-use cash back app that you can download on iOS or Android. Like with Dosh or Drop, simply link a card to Pei and enjoy cash back when you buy from one of its partner merchants.

What makes it different? You can redeem your points for cash or Bitcoin.

7. Ibotta

cash back apps like ibotta

Ibotta is a cash back app that works for online shopping and brick-and-mortar shopping. But it requires a little more legwork than some of the other best cash back apps, like Rakuten and BeFrugal.

While the others offer you savings automatically, you’ll need to select an offer through Ibotta before you shop (either via its website or mobile app).

You can redeem offers by,

  • Scanning and uploading your receipt
  • Purchasing through an Ibotta partner app
  • Connecting a store loyalty card from one of Ibotta’s partners

You can get a $20 welcome bonus after you redeem your first 10 offers, as well as make $150 for referring 10 friends.

Ibotta lets you withdraw cash back via Venmo, Paypal or a gift card once you have a minimum of $20.

8. Freebird

best cash back apps

If you’re a big Uber or Lyft user, you’ll love Freebird. It gives you cash back on rides you take to one of its partner restaurants or bars.

All you have to do is link a credit card with Freebird and search for your destination in the app. Your Uber or Lyft ride will still cost the same, but you’ll also get cash back, which you can deposit into your bank account.

Create your free account and enter code z6118 for $10 back after your first two rides.

9. Swagbucks

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Swagbucks is another cash back app that earns you money back when you shop through its website or install it as a browser extension.

Besides shopping online, you can also earn “Swagbucks” by,

  • Taking surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Making referrals
  • And other activities

You can turn your Swagbucks into cash via Paypal or a gift card, or you can donate them to one of Swagbucks’ partner charities.

10. RetailMeNot

cash back apps

RetailMeNot offers cash back at select stores, along with promo codes and coupons. You can start earning cash back by selecting an offer you find on the RetailMeNot site or by linking your credit card to your account and using it at a partner store (whether in-person or online).

You can cash out your earnings via Paypal or Venmo, though they might take 45 days from the time you purchase to hit your account.

11. FetchRewards

cash back apps

FetchRewards gives you money back if you purchase certain qualifying products, often from a grocery store, convenience store or liquor store.

After shopping, you’ll need to upload your receipt, and FetchRewards will give you points for any purchases you made of its partner brands. You can then redeem your points for gift cards.

If you sign up, use code CB3AU to get 2,000 welcome points ($2.00).

12. Paribus

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Paribus is a unique cash back app that makes sure you’re getting the best deal — even if you’ve already made your purchase.

This cash back app monitors prices at major retailers. If a price drops after you buy something, Paribus will refund the difference. You just have to be okay with Paribus accessing your purchase confirmation emails.

13. Shopkick

cash back apps

Shopkick turns earning cash back into a game, allowing users to earn “kicks” after shopping at its partner stores or watching videos on Shopkick.com.

Once you have enough kicks from shopping, playing games, or referring friends, you can redeem them for gift cards at major retailers.

14. Upromise

best cash back apps

Upromise is a cash back site aimed at borrowers looking for creative ways to pay off student loans or families saving for college.

Like the cash back apps, Upromise partners with stores and merchants to give you refunds on your shopping. Once you’ve earned enough, you can contribute this money into a college fund or throw it at your student debt. You can also redeem the cash as a check.

15. SavingStar

best cash back apps 2020

SavingStar is a grocery rebates app that will give you cash back for shopping you do at its partner stores. Most major grocery stores partner with SavingStar.

To get your rebates, you’ll need to upload your receipts or link a store loyalty card.

Whether you want to earn money back on your online shopping, grocery visits, or Uber and Lyft ride, there’s a cash back app that could help. Whatever you choose, these best cash back apps of 2020 make it easy to create your account and start saving right away!