Are Student Loans Automatically Forgiven After 25 Years? 

Are student loans automatically forgiven after 25 years? Well, it depends. On certain income-driven repayment plans, your student loan balance is forgiven after 25 years of on-time repayment. Other income-driven plans will let you off the hook in 20. And there are loan forgiveness programs that will cancel your debt even sooner. If you’re wondering […]

How Paying Student Loans Biweekly Saves You Time and Money

If you’re looking to pay off your student loans faster, there’s an easy hack to make it happen: paying student loans biweekly. That’s right, if you split your monthly payment in half so you’re making payments every two weeks, you’ll end up making one full extra payment each year. You won’t have to change your […]

Joe Biden & Student Loans: What You Can Expect 

After several nail-biting days, former Vice President and current President-Elect Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election. For student loan borrowers, Biden’s election could mean big changes for federal student loans, including the possibility of mass student loan forgiveness. Note that all of these are preliminary suggestions, and there’s no […]

How to Deal With a Late Student Loan Payment

Keeping up with student loan payments can be tough, especially if you’re working with a limited income. Although most loan servicers will give you 15 to 30 days to make up a late student loan payment, you don’t want your bills to go unpaid for long. If they do, your student loans could end up […]

6 Best Student Loan Refinance Companies

Ready to take control of your student loan situation and refinance your student loans? Here are our recommendations for the best student loan refinance companies in 2020. We’re excited to offer you special Student Loan Gal deals of up to $200 off with most of these lenders!   LendKey Earnest Laurel Road Credible SoFi Education […]

Federal Student Loan Repayment Plans: Every Option 

Federal student loans come with a number of flexible repayment plans — eight, to be exact. Unless you choose an alternative plan, your loans will automatically go on the standard 10-year plan, which will get you out of debt the fastest. But if you need more affordable payments, you could opt for an alternative plan, […]

How Federal Student Loans Work: Ultimate Guide

If you’re heading off to college, you might be wondering, How do federal student loans work? Well, federal student loans are provided by the government to help students (or their parents) pay for college or graduate school. There are several federal student loan types, some of which have better terms than others. For most federal […]

How the Extended Repayment Plan Works 

If you owe $30,000 or more in federal student loans and need extra time to pay them off, the Extended Repayment plan could help. This plan extends your loan terms to 25 years, which is 15 years more than the standard 10-year plan. It also allows you to make fixed or graduated payments during this […]

How the Graduated Repayment Plan Works for Student Loans

As a new college graduate, you’ll likely start with a low salary and boost your income over time. That’s why the Graduated Repayment Plan can be appealing, since it involves low student loan payments in the beginning which gradually increase over the years. While this approach can make your initial payments more affordable, it may […]

How to Get an Extension on Student Loans

When you graduate college, your student loans automatically go on the standard 10-year repayment plan. But if your payments are too high, you can lower or pause them completely by pushing back your repayment deadline. In fact, you have several options for getting an extension on student loans, including income-driven repayment, extended repayment, deferment or […]