Feeling overwhelmed by your student loan debt? 

Been there.

I left graduate school owing $35,000 in student loans for a degree I didn’t end up using.

I got sick of my $350 monthly payments real fast — especially when I realized I’d be making them for 10 years. 

So I did everything I could to chip away at that balance faster. I —

  • Worked a side hustle on top of my full-time job and used the money to pay off my loans.
  • Refinanced my loans for lower interest rates. Keeping up with interest can be the toughest part of paying off debt, so lowering my rates was a huge win!
  • Kept my rent and other major expenses low. 

It wasn’t easy, but eventually I was able to pay off my loans years ahead of schedule — and now am debt-free!

Let me tell you, I don’t miss that $350/month payment. Not one bit.

I know a lot of you might owe way more in student loans and are feeling like your situation is hopeless.

But I promise you can turn things around. I’m here to help you learn about your options for managing your student loans.

Let’s take back control of your finances — and life — and say goodbye to student debt once and for all!

-the Student Loan Gal